Accommodation Services Available: 

Accessible Materials & Services  

A dedicated Accessibility Desk in the main lobby of the conference level next to the registration desk offers several services. Volunteer sighted guides and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters will be available during registration, breaks, and Showcase Area visits. 

This year, the Summit will pilot a new virtual platform by Performedia. Virtual registration sign-up is at no cost. The platform will offer ASL and captions. The captions will be in English, Spanish, German, and French. To sign up visit the Registration page. 

Accessibility Question and Answers  

For accessibility questions or requests, please contact:  

If you require on-site assistance, please go to the accessibility desk. Also, M-Enabling staff and volunteers will be in blue vests throughout the event areas.  

Accessible Materials  

Braille Documents 

A Braille version of the conference agenda-at-a-glance can be picked up at the Accessibility Desk if requested in advance at the time of registration. 

Accessible PDF Summit Documents 

The Summit offers the following accessible PDF documents:

Braille Ready Files (BRF) Documents  

The Summit offers the BRF documents listed below. To receive the braille ready conference information please email  and you will be sent a direct link.

  • Agenda At-A-Glance BRF
  • G3ict Flyer BRF
  • Summit Renaissance Event Descriptions BRF
  • Food Menu Options BRF

Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Most sessions at the Summit are panel presentations focusing on interactions and discussions, so only selective sessions have PowerPoint decks. To receive accessible conference information please email  and you will be sent a direct link.

Indoor Orientation System  

An Indoor orientation platform is available for conference attendees: The RightHear free app on iOS and Android allows its users to get audible descriptions of the environment around them as they walk around throughout the conference area. The app is available in 26 languages. To learn more, please visit the RightHear website.  

  • Download iOS 
  • Download Android 

Wi-Fi  is available throughout the conference location. 
Network: Renaissance_CONFERENCE 
Password: BarrierBreak 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services  

  • American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation will be provided in all plenary and breakout sessions. 
  • Real-Time Captioning (CART)  will be available in all sessions on screen and with a URL for mobile or personal computer viewing. 
  • Assistive Listening Devices  will be available in each conference room.  

Service Animal Relief Area 

The hotel has a designated service animal relief area, which includes green space surrounding the building outside of the hotel lobby on 1st level. Watering stations will be available on the 2nd-floor conference level and the lobby level. 

Quiet Space 

If you require a quiet space to unwind or meditate, please visit the registration or accessibility desk. Also, the event floor has an outside terrace that provides a peaceful place with weather permitting.  

Battery Charging Station  

If you require a place to charge accessible technology or wheelchair battery, please visit the registration or accessibility desk.