Attendee Benefits

How participants benefit from attending the M-Enabling Summit?

  • Mobile service providers  participate as speakers and attendees, and have an opportunity to showcase their achievements and share their experience with other stakeholders, including telecom regulators, policy makers and Organizations of Persons with Disabilities. The Summit also provides a unique display of accessible and assistive mobile solutions to expand their user base.

  • Telecom Regulators and policy makers  benefit from a uniquely designed conference program presenting the best mix of accessible and assistive solutions for mobile phones and services. The location of the conference, its institutional environment as well as the panels and break-out sessions are designed to ensure the participation of leading regulatory authorities from around the world and for peer exchanges and interaction with industry, experts and advocacy organizations.  Policy makers from governmental and inter-governmental agencies equally benefit from the same environment.

  • Consumer Technology and Smart Environments providers are increasingly focused on the challenges and considerable opportunities of developing new services for seniors and persons with disabilities. Smart Homes and Smart Cities technology vendors and service providers rely on the very same accessible and assistive technologies and user interfaces developed by and for the mobile market. The M-Enabling Summit is the ideal venue for those companies to develop new collaborations, find out about latest accessibility innovations, how and share good practices and solutions.

  • Organizations of persons with disabilities, senior citizens and independent community living services  have an opportunity to promote users’ perspectives, share their experience and explore the latest available mobile technologies and applications.  User representatives lead a majority of the interactive break-out sessions of the Summit to provide input on good practices for policy makers and service providers, and explore strategies that work best from their perspective.  Those break-out sessions also cover the latest innovations in specific areas of mobile applications and services including mobile-based assistive technologies.

  • Applications developers  have a unique opportunity to network with the largest mobile service providers and handset manufacturers, leading user organizations and policy makers and to seek new distribution opportunities and methods for their products.  They very much benefit from participating in the showcase where they can demonstrate their applications to the entire audience of the Summit.

  • Handset manufacturers  benefit from the participation of key buyers and influencers including mobile operator’s executives and policy makers promoting accessibility and assistive features, such as telecom regulators, organizations of seniors and persons with disabilities and experts, large information services, e-government and e-commerce providers.  The Summit is an ideal venue to promote new mobile accessibility features and assistive solutions to decision makers and influencers in accessibility matters who do not attend regular mobile industry conferences.

  • Operating systems providers  will be able to demonstrate the strengths of their technical environment for accessible and assistive applications in one single venue to the most focused and influential group of buyers, influencers and accessibility experts from around the world.  The conference will be offers the opportunity to host parallel sessions for developers and private meetings with operators, handset manufacturers around specific areas of innovation and business opportunities.

  • Mobile phone “middleware” vendors and cloud-based solution providers  can promote their solutions among handset manufacturers, operators and seek the support of influencers such a Universal Service Funds in localizing and selling their products.

  • Mobile device accessories and peripherals and interface equipment  are active participants in the showcase and break-out sessions where they can meet and engage with handset manufacturers, mobile operators, Organizations of Persons with Disabilities, and government agencies.

  • Information services, e-government and e-commerce providers  participate as speakers and attendees.  They benefit from the interaction with leading providers of handsets, operating system environments, application developers and accessibility experts.  Sessions covering the regulatory and legislative trends affecting their services are also a strong area of focus.  Some agencies or private organizations participate in the showcase from a Corporate Social Responsibility standpoint to demonstrate their leadership servicing seniors and persons with disabilities.

  • Public and private sector organizations providing services to seniors and persons with disabilities via mobile platforms: Banks, travel and tourism organizations, education institutions, the hospitality industry, health services, and of consumer goods industries using mobile communications with their customers and employees.   Participating as speakers and attendees, private sector organizations seek to leverage the latest innovations and solutions on display at the Summit to better serve and enlarge their customer base, pursue innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and ensure compliance with accessibility laws and regulations.

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