We welcome innovators to submit a presentation proposal for two different types of Parallel Breakout Sessions: 1) Thematic Sessions and 2) End Users Solutions Demo Tanks

Submission deadline: April 13, 2020

Who presents at the M-Enabling Summit?

Presenters at the M-Enabling Summit are individuals from public and private sector, education or nonprofit organizations who wish to share solutions for persons with disabilities and age-related disabilities. Applicants from all countries are welcome. The M-Enabling Program Committee selects presentations focused on technologies and solutions that have demonstrated benefits for seniors and users of all abilities and are currently available with documented user’s experience.

Format of presentations at the 2020 M-Enabling Summit

Presentations are made in a panel discussion format during the Thematic Sessions and during the End Users Solutions Demo Tanks addressing specific areas of disability.

  • Thematic Sessions: 60-minutes sessions, panel discussion format. Panel includes up to four (4) speakers and a moderator. Each presenter is allocated an 8-minute presentation window, plus 2-minutes for Q/A. Each panelist can present up to seven (7) slides.
  • End Users Solutions Demo Tanks: 60-minutes sessions, addressing specific areas of disability. Up to 5 demos per session. Each presenter is allocated 4-minutes to demo their innovation (products or services, new product or service release highlights, etc.), plus 3-minutes for Q/A. This fast-paced flow is designed to allow for a quick overview of the benefits of each solution. Participants will vote to select the most innovative solution to be recognized during the Closing Session of the M-Enabling Summit.

Please review the list of 2020 session options most relevant to your presentation (opens in an accessible PDF document)

How to submit?

Please provide a detailed outline of the items you intend to cover in this presentation. The proposal should be 250 words or less. Please submit your online form using the link below: 

M-Enabling Summit 2020 Call for Presentations Form

* Note online submission opens in SurveyMonkey accessible form