Quotes 2019

 “M-Enabling Europe was a great opportunity to gather the front-runners of accessibility in Europe in very exciting times for our region as we expect accessibility to increasingly grow and be more present thanks to all the policy achievements to promote equal access for persons with disabilities” 

Alejandro Moledo, Policy Coordinator, European Disability Forum, Belgium 


"As an academic, entrepreneur and disability rights activist, M-Enabling enabled me to connect with a new network of partners whose mission is to use innovative new technologies and practices to ensure that persons with disabilities can participate in society on an equal basis with others. It is one of the premier accessibility events in Europe. I will be returning in the future!" 

Dr. G. Anthony Giannoumis, Professor, Social Entrepreneur, Advocate, Norway 


 “The second M-Enabling Europe Forum was great experience for me. As a moderator of a plenary session I was honored to have an enthusiastic discussion with experts of different points of view. The Forum is a perfect platform for networking with people from Europe and around the world, sharing experience, knowledge and new ideas about digital assistive technology.”    

Christoph Jo. Müller, Board President BEH German Association of Manufacturers and Retailers of Assistive Technologies, Executive Vice President, CSS MicroSystems GmbH, Germany 


“The 2019 M-Enabling Forum Europe did not just live up to the great success of 2018, but exceeded it. It’s strength is the mixture of academia, business, organisations large and small and people with disabilities themselves. After only 2 years in existence, it is already challenging to be a “must-not-miss” event on the accessibility calander similar to its big sister, the M-Enabling Summit in Washington DC.” 

Gerry Ellis, Mainframe SME, Infrastructure Operations, Group Technology and Customer Solutions 

Bank of Ireland IT Centre 


"The opportunity to engage with so many accessibility-minded leaders from around the world at the M-Enabling Forum Europe will only help us improve our work to make Uber accessible for everyone. We appreciate G3ict's support in our continuing efforts to get better and better on our journey to enable improved access to transportation and work for people with disabilities." 

Malcom Glenn, Head of Global Policy, Accessibility and Underserved Communities at Uber, USA 


"Fundación ONCE is proud to support M-Enabling Forum Europe, an ideal venue for sharing knowledge, expertise and encouraging leaders to commit to Universal Accessibility and social inclusion."

Jesús Hernández Galán, Universal Accessibility and Innovation Director, Fundación ONCE, Spain



"We were very pleased with the way you received us at the M-Enabling Summit and would like to congratulate you for the quality of the interventions. We had valuable exchanges and contacts and made a positive assessment of our participation to this event." 

Saskia Ould-Braham, Business Developer of TADEO, Delta Process, France


"I was really impressed with diversity of our group. It was truly international with people from all parts of the world. I was also impressed with the quality of discussion and willingness to share ideas from all the participants." 

Miroslav Vrankic, PhD, Managing director

E-GLAS d.o.o., Founder ATAAC Conference Zagreb, Croatia