An IAAP Workshop

Thursday, October 12, 2023

  • 7:30 am – 8:00 am: Check-In
  • 8:00 am – 3:00 pm: Workshop
Mark Steadman
Director, Software Engineering,
Mobile Accessibility
Fidelity Investments
Zachary Gadoury
Accessibility Specialist,
Mobile Applications
Fidelity Investments

The Mobile Accessibility Workshop will discuss ways your development teams can bring accessibility into the mobile development lifecycle. This workshop is appropriate for developers, project managers, and product owners. 

Mark and Zachary will dive into mobile accessibility in iOS and Android.  The first half of the day will address iOS, followed by Android for the second half. The focus will address various assistive technologies, built-in accessibility settings on mobile platforms, and how to phase accessibility into day-to-day dev work! 

Get Your Event Pass. Register Now for the on-site workshop on October 12 in Washington, DC. The price for the workshop is $395.00. Workshop participants are also welcome to register for the entire October 10th and 11th Summit. Expanded pricing is listed below under the registration section.

Workshop Agenda

iOS & Android

  • Mobile Accessibility
    • Global traffic for mobile devices.
    • Forcing users onto mobile applications.
    • Aging population using applications.
  • Assistive Technology
    • Statistics
    • Assistive Technologies Review
    • Cart & Checkout Buying Options and Features 
  • The Problem
    • Data & User feedback Information 
    • Standards
    • Development slow down huddles
  • The Solution
    • Phasing in Accessibility
  • Workshop Activity  

Lunch between the 1st Segment (IOS) & 2nd Segment (Android) will be provided. Breaks will also be included throughout the day. If you require accessibility accommodation for the workshop, please follow the summit protocol. 


Standard Registration Rate
Mobile Workshop, One-Day Event Pass $395
Private Sector Attendees:
Mobile Workshop + Two-Day Summit Pass
Government, Non-Profit, and Education:
Mobile Workshop + Two-Day Summit Pass
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