Market Drivers

Fifty-four million Americans and more than one billion people worldwide live with disabilities, including a large proportion of senior citizens. They represent a largely untapped market for new and enhanced mobile applications and services. The M-Enabling Summit is the sole global venue exclusively dedicated to supporting innovation and promoting solutions to address this major opportunity.

Market Drivers Converge to Create Major Opportunities for Accessible and Assistive Mobile Solutions

  • Aging populations are increasing in key markets due to improved life expectancy and slowing birth rates.

  • Mobile service providers operating on markets near saturation need to expand among underserved segments including seniors and persons with disabilities.

  • Innovative mobile technology enablers allow developers to deliver new sophisticated accessible and assistive solutions not previously available on other technology platforms.

  • Accessibility features enhance the experience of all users who use mobile devices in situation requiring alternative modes of interaction with their handsets.

  • Accessibility and usability features are now central to the competition among handset and operating system vendors.

  • More than 7 billion mobile devices create the opportunity to leverage economies of scale for accessible technologies, more than any other technology platform.

  • The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities signed by 175 countries creates a favorable global policy and regulatory environment to promote mobile phone and service accessibility

  • The implementation of the U.S. 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act further promotes accessible mobile solutions in areas such as emergency communications of web browsing.

  • The growing influence of Accessibility Professionals, as demonstrated by the global outreach and impact of the IAAP, International Association of Accessibility Professionals, increasingly influences technology choices in all sectors of activities in favor of products and services which comply with accessibility requirements.

Industries That Should Attend:

  • Mobile and Telecom
  • Consumer Technology and Smart Environments
  • Government
  • Advocacy Organizations
  • Professionals Supporting Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
  • Public and Private Sector Organizations Providing Services via Mobile Platforms
  • Accessibility Experts
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